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Working to meet your dog need at any age

Our Services

Sitting Pretty is a home setting and a "cage-free" environment, designed for dogs that are social with other dogs providing an outlet to expend excess energy. Dog owners can have peace-of-mind knowing they can juggle a hectic schedule without compromising the care of their best friend. It is not a place for aggressive dogs to learn how to be social.


We are a home environment, dogs have to follow the same rules and basic manners that you would ask of them in your home. The day is full of play with a bit of training, and they are always supervised. Play areas are covered with dirt-free, safe, and antimicrobial artificial grass.



We work hard for our fur friends to feel at home at bedtime. We provide individual dog beds, cots, fluffy blankets and/or crates (if needed) with classical music or white noise. Our overnight guests sleep indoors in one of our multiple rooms.

Image by Samuel Foster
Image by Chris Smith
Image by Joe Caione

Doggie Daycare

We believe in a more balanced approach to daycare. We are a smaller environment while providing an outlet to expend excess energy, play, and be part of a social dog pack. The day is full of play with a bit of training, and they are always supervised. When your dog is not playing or enjoying the sunshine, they are resting with us and not kenneled away.

Puppy Care
4lbs to 14 months

The type of care will depend on the age of your puppy. Very young puppies have their own private play time, and our team will provide a variety of activities. Throughout the day puppies receive tons of love, and stimulation. Once a puppy has reached the required completed vaccinations they get more freedom. We do crate train all our puppies, they have daily naps and lunch.  


Special Needs, 
Therapeutic Loving Care,
& Elder Dog Care

We offer differing levels of care to meet the needs of you dog. We are experienced in providing care for dogs faced with challenges such as: Diabetes, epilepsy, mega esophagus, cancer, vestibular disease, Cushing's, blind/deafness and orthopedic injuries. We work hard to be part of your team that is working towards a healthy pet.

We make great efforts to follow prescription and detailed instructions.

There is also care for dogs needing extra TLC due to being medically compromised without needing medication or injections. And, Dogs dealing with separation anxiety or dogs that are focused on human attention vs playing with other dogs

Dog Spa_edited.jpg


Bring us a dirty dog and we will give you a

clean and sweet-smelling dog back.

Our sPaws experience provides bubble baths, deep conditioning with your dog’s needs in mind. And of course, help to maintain clean ears and a healthy bum. Your pamper pooch will enjoy ending their day or stay with their very own spa day experience.


Cold Laser Therapy

Our Cold laser therapy allows for a pain-free and non-invasive treatment, using focused light to increase blood circulation and stimulate the regeneration of cells. It can effectively treat diseases, injuries and conditions such as tissue injuries (including strains and sprains) and arthritis.​


Treadmill Workout

Our Treadmill workout can be a beneficial way to give your dog a full-body low impact workout, which is not only fun, but good for their heart & soul. High-drive or high-energy dogs need to burn off their energy, and treadmills are a safe way to reduce boredom, stress, and anxiety, while increasing fitness levels.

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