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Therapeutic Dog Care

We work hard to be part of your team that works towards  the health, wellbeing, and happiness of your dog.

Here at Sitting Pretty, we make a great effort to follow detailed prescription and feeding instructions. We believe that our job starts with the pet owner, supporting and caring for them, as well as the pet. Our goal is to lessen your stress with care, your pets will be less stressed and happier.

We are experienced in providing care for dogs faced with challenges such as: Diabetes, epilepsy, mega esophagus, cancer, vestibular disease, Cushing's, blind/deafness and orthopedic injuries.


We understand the care and attention a dog needs while in recovery, dealing with blind/deafness, and the ongoing management of diabetes or when receiving chemotherapy.


Special Needs Care is by quote.

Boarding for dogs with special needs

starts at $90 a night

Day rate for daycare starts at $60

Therapeutic Dog Bathing

If you have an injured or senior dog, you have to be very careful, caring and knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with special needs while grooming.

Older dogs often have conditions such as arthritis, impaired vision, and difficulty hearing. Because of this, older pets sometimes have special needs that we must consider.

 Our hands-on approach allows for communication when a dog is hard of hearing. 

Our bathers are there for your pet’s aging needs.

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The difference between a Special Needs dog and a dog needing TLC care

We can help by providing comfort care for the terminally ill dog. Our service begins with your phone call.  We can support and assist you in providing care for your dog's special needs during this difficult time.

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